SourceONE Building Manintenace

SourceONE approaches contamination control not as a janitorial function, but rather as a science and technology that continuously interacts with all product, process and personnel.

SourceONE-CE is run by cleanroom specialists who:

  • Understand cleanrooms and clean manufacturing
  • Have vast experience, expertise and proven track record of outstanding service to our customers’ critical environments
  • Focus on customer product and process protection
  • Play a vital role on customer quality team’s
  • Provide unmatched contamination control employee training
  • Have an outstanding safety program
  • Practice the strictest screening and hiring standards

SourceONE-CE maintains various types of cleanroom and production environments, including:

  • Bio-pharmaceutical
  • Semiconductor/Microelectronics
  • Medical Devices
  • Nanotechnology

SourceONE-CE provides the following services:

  • Sterile environments (Bio-Pharmaceutical & Bio-containment Labs)
    • Engineered cleanroom cleaning programs
    • SOP writing – Compliant with cGMP’s,
    • Gown Room management
    • Protocol design, training, and enforcement
  • Non-sterile environments
    • Engineered cleanroom cleaning programs
    • SOP writing – Compliant with federal & international standards
    • Engineered cleanroom cleaning programs
    • SOP writing – Compliant with federal & international standards
    • Clean build & post-construction cleaning
    • Gown Room management
    • Data center/ESD cleaning

Quality Assurance

SourceONE-CE’s approach to Quality Assurance incorporates personnel, equipment, extensive training and industry expertise to guarantee that our client’s facilities meet or exceed the regulations set forth by ISO or by the FDA.


All SourceONE-CE cleanroom technicians are thoroughly screened. We recruit highly motivated, responsible individuals who take pride in the work they do.


SourceONE-CE has formed alliances with the nation’s leading suppliers of cleanroom equipment. Highly specialized tools and equipment are selected based on the SOPs of the given environments.


All SourceONE-CE employees are required to complete specific training regimens before entering a critical environment.
All technicians are trained on cleanroom protocol, safety, security, cleaning techniques and client specific procedures.