SourceONE’s approach to cleanroom cleaning and other critical environment cleaning services is much more than the typical janitorial cleaning services. We provide extensive training for our technicians on the strict requirements required before entering critical environments. It is imperative that our teammates are trained in the proper procedures, protocol, safety, security and techniques in order to give you the highest quality cleaning services. Most importantly, we work directly with you to ensure we are fulfilling your specific procedures.

Our quality review standard holds us accountable for meeting your facility’s needs and expectations. We always strive to exceed your expectations as well as the regulations set forth by ISO or by the FDA.

SourceONE has a specific program for sensitive material and cleanroom cleaning called SourceONE-CE (critical environment). SourceONE-CE is lead by specialists who have vast experience in cleanroom cleaning, focus primarily on the customer’s expectations and practice very precise cleaning services.

SourceONE-CE maintains various types of cleanroom and production environments including bio-pharmaceutical, semiconductor/microelectronics, medical devices and nanotechnology. We offer our janitorial services to both sterile and non-sterile environments.

As stated above, we truly strive for cleanroom cleaning excellence for you. We understand the necessity of the precision and carefulness required to meet your standards. For more information on SourceONE-CE cleaning in San Jose, please contact us here.