When it comes to cleanroom cleaning there’s one thing that must be understood, control. The entire purpose of a cleanroom is to control contaminating elements to restrictive levels to ensure the room is genuinely clean. With strict rules and regulations to uphold, cleanrooms must take extra care to ensure quality cleaning in San Jose.

Cleanrooms are susceptible to easy damage due to the high restrictions of air particles allowed in the room. Since cleanrooms generally manufacture medical devices, pharmaceutical or other critical products, the chemical makeup of the elements must be scientifically sound. Therefore, the quality of the cleanroom air must remain at the standard level to prevent damage.

Cleanroom cleaning is just as scientific as the production process inside the cleanroom. With the advancements of modern society, the cleanroom cleaning equipment is evermore impressive. However, it is not just the abilities of the equipment since there are humans operating the equipment. SourceONE cleanroom employees are chosen based on their genuine interest in cleanroom technology as well as dedication to providing a quality clean without leaving a mark.

To put this severity into perspective, a human hair has a diameter of 75-100 microns. NASA created a billion dollar space telescope, The Hubble, and due to a critical environment contamination of 0.5 micron the telescope failed to perform as designed.

There is no room for error when it comes to cleanroom cleaning your critical environment in San Jose, CA. SourceONE takes cleanroom cleaning very seriously which is why we can be your trusted partner.