Care for your environment. It’s that simple. Whether you recycle your old papers or drive a hybrid vehicle, there are many ways for you to decrease your chemical footprint on this planet. For SourceONE Cleaning Services, we put our foot forward to save the planet through Green Cleaning Solutions. While we do our best to establish healthy cleaning practices, we also hold ourselves to using Green Seal cleaning products.

Green Seal is a non-profit organization dedicated to a sustainable world. Through scientific research and other programs, Green Seal identifies cleaning products that are environmentally friendly, meaning use of renewable resources to ensure the impact of use remains small.

For 25 years Green Seal has dedicated their lives and careers to identifying which cleaning products are best for your health and the planet. Other factors such as cleaning effectiveness is also important in Green Seal’s rating of a product. Essentially, if a cleaning product is sustainable without sacrificing quality, Green Seal is on your same page.

When it comes down to it, SourceONE uses Green Seal products because we know they are free of toxic chemicals but can still accomplish your building’s maintenance needs. SourceONE takes it one step further and ensures we are using sustainable, excellent methods to provide you with the best commercial cleaning services in San Jose.

We care about the planet we all live on. We care about the building you work in. We care about the air that we all breathe. If we didn’t care about this, we wouldn’t be in this business. It is through our sustainable cleaning services that we are reducing our chemical footprint on this earth. What are you doing?