The cleaning process is endless. Just when you thought you were done vacuuming, polishing, dusting, wiping, sanitizing and washing, it all starts again as dust never stops collecting. With a different cleaning product on the market for all of the chores, it becomes a daunting task to keep up with the best products on the market. Recently, there has been a hard push for greener commercial cleaning services as opposed to the traditional ways. Green cleaning is better for the health of you, your office staff and your building.

Health of You and Office Staff

Products play an integral role in the health of you and your office staff. Traditional cleaning products include chemicals that linger. The use (even once a week) of chemically enhanced cleaning products are harmful to your air quality. When you breathe in these chemicals, you will get headaches and possibly asthma. In contrast, green cleaning products are typically made of natural products and essential oils such as olive oil and vinegar. Without corrosive chemicals, the green cleaning products give your body a natural aromatherapy while decreasing your skin and eyes to susceptible injury.

Longer Facility Life

Not only do traditional cleaning products increase the risk of your health, they damage your commercial business’ building. Much like the corrosive chemicals can harm your skin, over time they wear down floors, counter tops and more thus causing you more money in the long run when you have to replace these items. Green cleaning products do not erode the surface of your building. Therefore, your building’s health is maintained and preserved for many years to come.

Environmental Impact

It should be obvious that the green cleaning products are more environmentally friendly. As stated above, chemical cleaning products harm the air quality. When you use the natural cleaning products, you are returning these elements to the earth from which they came. Not to mention we love recycling!