There is a huge push in today’s day and age to be environmentally friendly and for good reason, too. Commercial cleaning should not be an exception. SourceONE strives to be an environmentally friendly, professional cleaning service. SourceONE is an innovator in the green cleaning industry because we recognize that there are dangerous chemicals used during commercial cleanings that can be a true hazard to the earth and atmosphere.

Chemicals from cleaning products enter the environment through various methods. Cleaning your counter with a cleaning product and then washing the sponge in the sink sends chemicals into the drainage system; when you power wash your garage, the cleaning chemicals evaporate into the air.

When you hire SourceONE’s janitorial or other cleaning services, you are guaranteed to receive a clean environment that will not harm your area. The use of certified sustainable products, chemicals, tools and equipment are always used. We also firmly believe in recycling programs, duct cleaning and filter changing in order to purify your environment as best as we can.

Something else unique about SourceONE’s Green Cleaning includes our ability to understand and uphold to the standards set for LEED certified buildings. Even if your business is not LEED certified, share your high commercial cleaning standards, and SourceONE will follow.

Essentially, it boils down to the fact that we want our planet to be around for along time. Professional cleaning services include professional care for the earth. You can count on SourceONE to be held to high environmental standards in order to do our part. We go green because it’s the right thing to do.