As the spring sunlight glimmers through your office windows, you see the dust piling on your desk. The streaks across your monitor are nowhere near as dirty as your keyboard. How about that mouse you used to click on this link, when was the last time you think that was cleaned? Maybe we shouldn’t think too hard about that.

Instead of running to the office supply store down the street to stock up on cleaning products, take a second to consider why a superior commercial cleaning service can be beneficial to you and your business.


Quality Assurance

It’s easy to open the San Jose phonebook and call the first name on the list, but that doesn’t guarantee a quality clean. There’s a difference in a cleaning service saying they’ll perform tasks and only complete 50%. With a quality assurance program in place, your business holds the janitors accountable to your needs. This includes your personal workspace to ensure you are working in a sanitary environment every day.



The last thing you’ll want in your business is a chemical explosion. Knowing that your commercial cleaning service is keeping separate tools and products for your kitchen and bathrooms in separate places to prevent cross-contamination allows you to focus on your work at hand. SourceONE’s simple color-coding system easily and visually organizes cleaning products and tools to work safer, smarter and efficiently.


Environmentally Friendly

There is no excuse for environmental negligence. You want a cleaning company that will help you optimize recycling to be cost effective for your business as well as the earth. Choose a company that follows EPA guidelines. An environmentally conscious cleaning service gives you a healthier work space as well as cost savings.

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