Welcome to the SourceONE blog – your one stop place for tips, tricks and the happenings of our commercial cleaning service. We strive to make your building maintenance as easy as possible. Here we will share industry news, project updates and miscellaneous bits about our janitorial tips for you and our San Jose community.

SourceONE is proud to be a responsible cleaning service that serves all of your needs. You don’t have to bother booking different companies to get the job done, which is why it is our motto to be your one source for cleaning. We promise to give you quality, expertise and an experience that will leave you feeling sanitary and clean in your office or industrial space. We have a great team of hardworking people that we personally train to take proper care of your business.

Something else that makes us unique is we care a lot about our environment and have a sustainable approach to Green Cleaning. We believe it is our corporate responsibility to be conscious of our environment and to not add harmful chemicals into the atmosphere.

Finally, we hold safety as a top priority. There’s no point in doing the job incorrectly or under harmful conditions. If we don’t do our job safely, we won’t be able to do it at all. So we make it our mission to be innovative and effective with our safety training and policy implementation.

We will be your trusted, responsible, experienced and flexible professional cleaning service. Call us today to get your building maintenance started!