When you’re hiring a quality cleaning service for your business, choosing your cleaning company narrows down to four key elements: quality, sustainability, a good team, and safety. While each of these cleaning qualities are advantageous independently, it is rare to find a commercial cleaning service that encompasses the whole package, so do some digging and make sure you choose a professional, quality cleaning service with all four elements to take care of your building.


There’s no point in cleaning your office when it is only done half-way. Choose a company that performs quality reviews for their cleaning services. It is imperative for a team to be held accountable for their cleaning. You have high expectations for your business, and employees deserve to work in a healthy, clean space.


In a time when our earth is struggling to keep its true character, let’s work with Mother Nature to ensure the cleaning products used in your janitorial services are not adding harmful toxins or further polluting your environment. There are plenty of environmental justice folks advocating for greener cleaning products, so do you part in saving the earth one environmentally friendly cleaning service at a time.

Good Team

If you’ll be working in the same place with your cleaning service on a daily basis, you’re going to want to work with people that are great. Whether that is personality, work ethic or professionally trained, the team of your cleaning service needs to positively add to your space and business culture.


Safety is something you definitely do not want to skip out on. The risks of hiring a janitorial service that does not care about safety standards or have a safety policy will harm you down the road. Hiring a commercial cleaning service with a commitment to a safe working environment decreases your liability and risk while increasing the prevention of accidents for both your business, employees and clients.