As hundreds, maybe thousands, of folks daily trek through your busy San Jose office building, dirt and grime can pile up. There’s no telling just how much filth can be floating in the air or stuck in the carpet; it could even be filtering through the air ducts. Luckily, there is such a service that helps decrease this mess. When you hire a day porter, your office cleaning is taken care of on a daily basis.

A day porter is a SourceONE attendant that is used to cleaning in a commercial environment. The day porter will provide quality cleaning services for your company, or if you’re the building manager this applies to the entire campus cleaning. What a luxury it is for your employees or tenants to work in a clean space. Daily services can include taking out the trash, vacuuming, restroom cleaning and sanitation and other small building maintenance requests like touch up painting or a quick fix up.

Our trained professionals will give you the quality service you deserve. The benefit of hiring SourceONE day porters is that you will always have a clean office. The daily commitment to your building will add years to the building life and ultimately save you money in the long run repairs. By constantly keeping up with the maintenance, you won’t have to replace carpet or other items as frequently.

Not only are our day porters efficient, but they are committed to offering you sustainable cleaning services to extend our commitment to the environment. We also work very safely in order to minimize the risk. Ultimately, a SourceONE day porter is the only way to ensure office cleaning is done just how it should be done.