Did you know that over the course of a year humans shed, on average, eight pounds of dead skin cells? That may seem like a lot, but I bet you rarely notice your body shedding skin daily. Each day an average human sheds around one million skin cells which breaks down to around 30,000 – 40,000 cells each hour. “Where does all of this skin go?” you may ask. Truthfully, it builds and collects as that dust you wipe off your desk, shelves and computer. It’s all around you. The good news is with a quality office cleaning, you won’t have to live in your degenerated self’s shed space for long.

There’s no avoiding losing that many skin cells each day. Your skin is one of the most valuable organs in your body. Scientifically termed the epidermis for the Greek roots of epi meaning upon and derma meaning skin, your skin provides your body with the first layer of defense against ill conditions. It is constantly regenerating to give you the strongest defense against infection and, in turn, must replace the cells that are not performing 100%. Now let’s put this in perspective for your workplace. Imagine you work in a small space with 10 people – that’s 10,000,000 dead skin cells being deposited into the office every day. Now let’s take it up a notch and calculate the shedding for a year; if 10 people each shed 8 pounds each year, then that’s 80 pounds of dead skin cells that are accumulating in your carpet, on your desk and in the air you breathe.

That’s enough of that! A commercial business space needs to be professionally cleaned by a service that understands just how much dirt and grime needs to be taken away. We know you are making yourself healthier by shedding all 8 pounds of skin, and we aren’t afraid of cleaning up after you!