SourceONE provides solutions that deliver quality work through enhanced productivity, reliability, safety and security. Our experience with high-tech companies ensures our ability to accurately and safely deliver facility services vital to your operations.

We‘re careful to make sure we understand the specific cleaning standards we must meet to maintain high-tech facilities, including data centers, manufacturing floors, non-static cleaning, raised floors, equipment repair, cleanroom protocols, and contamination control. We also recommend, accommodate and facilitate a variety of environmental cleaning processes and extensive recycling programs.

SourceONE provides highly sophisticated, integrated facility service options to some of the largest high-tech facilities:

  • Bio-Pharmaceutical
  • Semiconductor/Microelectronics
  • Medical Devices
  • Nanotechnology
  • Optics


Industry Experience: High-Technology

SourceONE has grown up with Silicon Valley. We have been here for more than twenty years and our San Jose office has supported some of the fastest growing companies in the high tech industry.

Working with the high-technology environment means flexibility and full service. A few things we offer:

  • Secure hiring practices through rigourous E-Verify background checks
  • Site-specific training customer-customized
  • Quick-thinking and empowered on-site staff
  • Hands-on management oversight
  • Inspections and quality control
  • Extra staffing support as needed for events
  • Special services for R&D areas, manufacturing floors, non static cleaning, and raised floors
  • Recycling and composting program support
  • Standard use of eco-friendly chemicals and equipment

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