SmartColor Cleaning System combines superior cleaning technology with the sanitation and productivity benefits of visual coding. Color-coded enhancements on ergonomic cleaning tools help cleaning professionals easily organize equipment and their workday. The results are improved hygiene, reduced risk, efficient performance, and cleaner facilities.

Prevent Cross-Contamination – Distinct color coding makes it easy to separate cleaning tools into well-defined areas and tasks. Now restroom tools remain in the restroom and kitchen tools in the kitchen. This reduces bacteria and virus cross-contamination between high and low-risk areas. The proper use of the color-coding system creates a healthy, sanitary building that benefits employees, occupants and visitors.

Improve Training and Communication – SmartColor is an intuitive visual coding system, as it removes language and literacy barriers when training a diverse workforce in proper cleaning procedures. Color-coding also provides supervisors with quick visual indicators that help monitor employee activity in order to prevent tool or chemical misuse. With this system, building administrators can prevent cross-contamination and improve healthy cleaning performance throughout an entire facility.

Additional Benefits of Color Coding:

  • Deters chemical misuse
  • Elevates employee performance
  • Simplifies supply management
  • Preserves facility assets

Every facility is unique, which is why SmartColor is the first visual coding system designed to adapt to the specific, and changing, needs of your business. As your building’s footprint grows or personnel needs fluctuate, SmartColor will keep your business ahead of all its cleaning demands. SmartColor achieves its distinct color-coding through interchangeable features and durable metallic decals.

This gives you the flexibility to easily re-task tools for different areas or functions as required.