While owning a building, it is important to maintain a culture of safety and responsibility. Your tenants are important, and we don’t want anyone to get hurt. For example, after a rainy day, having your employees slip and fall is the last thing you’ll want to encounter. Building maintenance is imperative to have a welcoming work space and keep employees happy.

Most employers, unfortunately, wait too long before they test the slip friction, and it is usually after someone has slipped and fallen that any action is taken to make floors safe. Some employers catch it in time when there is report of a near fall, but the select few employers that perform slip meter testing prior to having the building occupied are truly in the best position. In any case, future falls are what everyone wants to avoid.

Slip Meter Testing tests the coefficient of friction on your floors. Your floors are tested with a tool called a tribometer that identifies the coefficient of friction on wet and dry floors to give a measurement of safety. It is important to test both wet and dry “slip-ability” in order to best prepare for all sorts of situations. In some cases, depending on your industry, it’s a good idea to test the friction with oils since all types of materials perform differently and have different slip levels.

It is important to perform slip meter testing every three to four years to account for typical wear and tear. Ultimately, the goal is to provide building residents with safe flooring that, with quality cleaning services, leave your tenants able to walk freely and worry-free.

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This is one area of business operation that demands quality control, which is exactly what SourceONE’s laboratory cleaning services provide.

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