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SourceONE Commercial Disinfection Cleaning Service

Maintaining a clean and sanitary workplace is paramount, especially in light of recent global health concerns. Our commercial disinfection cleaning services offer comprehensive protection against germs, viruses, and bacteria, providing the following benefits:

Health and Wellness: Thorough disinfection reduces the spread of infectious diseases, promoting a healthier and safer environment for employees, customers, and visitors.
Peace of Mind: Knowing that your workplace has undergone rigorous disinfection gives stakeholders confidence in your commitment to their health and well-being.
Compliance Assurance: Our services adhere to industry standards and guidelines for effective disinfection, ensuring regulatory compliance and mitigating potential liabilities.
At SourceONE Building Maintenance, we understand the importance of maintaining a clean, safe, and healthy work environment. With our industrial janitorial services, you can trust that your facility is in capable hands, allowing you to focus on your core business operations with confidence and peace of mind. Contact us today to learn more about how we can elevate the cleanliness and professionalism of your workplace.

Many SourceONE clients are asking whether we offer an enhanced cleaning option beyond current cleaning levels.

We have developed a 3 stage plan which:

  • Reduces Exposure
  • Supports CDC Guidelines
  • Uses EPA approved cleaners and disinfectants
Step One:
Step One:

Step One:

Return Safely

A comprehensive site assessment produces a framework for wellbeing that helps build occupant trust. A one-time deep cleaning of your site readies your facilities for occupancy.

Clean & Disinfect

Step 1-Before we disinfect we will be sure all areas are CLEAN first. We will clean all areas with a all purpose cleaner to remove all dust, grime and dirt. We CANNOT disinfect without insurning all surfaces are clean first.

Step 2-Disinfection with EPA Registered disinfectant with our day and night janitorial staff

This means disinfect everything

  • Entryways/Exits
  • All light switches and light switch plate covers
  • All handles: Doors, cabinets, restrooms, sinks, stair handrails…
  • Telephone receivers, TV remotes, Phones
  • All frequently used items in the kitchen, breakrooms, and restrooms
  • Tables, chairs, desks, from the lobby to the conference rooms
  • Elevator Buttons, Keyboards, dispensers, staplers, Printers,
  • Toasters, Water facets, Vending machines, Trash bins
  • Break rooms areas, Conference rooms, tables and chairs, Open shared workspaces

Step Two:
Step Two:

Step Two:

Frequent High Touch Point Disinfection

A recurring cleaning and disinfection program further instills occupant confidence. Occupant communications reiterate mutual social contracts.

High Touch Point Cleaning Checklist

Routine cleaning and disinfecting of high-touch items is critical to ensure a clean, safe, and healthy environment. HIGH-TOUCH items in your facility are among some of the MOST PATHOGEN HEAVY SURFACES.

SourceONE will implement a on-going cleaning routine based on client feedback, employee occupancy, and day/night janitorial staffing levels.

Recommendation at a minimum once per day high touch points to be disinfected.

Step Three:
Step Three:

Step Three:

Disinfect Broadly

Electrostatic spraying that goes beyond high touch point disinfection and resets facilities. Broader disinfection at periodic intervals based on your facility’s risk profile.

Electrostatic Sprayer Technology

Our solution to delivering and applying cleaners, sanitizers and disinfectants in less time, more efficiently than traditional methods.

SourceONE believes this advancement represents an opportunity to adjust standardized processes and protocols, to simplify operations, while taking full advantage of better performance to create healthier spaces. Proper surface disinfection methods will impact public health favorably.

We can implement a routine based on a weekly-bi monthly-or monthly schedule.

Our prefered vendor of choice-Emist:

Disinfectants used:

The Benefits of Hiring SourceONE

When it comes to commercial cleaning in the Bay Area, you want a janitorial company that you can trust will provide you with the highest quality services. Here are a few reasons to choose SourceONE

industrial cleaning experience


Having been in the industry for over two decades, you can rest assured that we know what we are doing and will leave your facility spotless.

comprehensive cleaning service

Comprehensive Services

Whether you have very demanding needs or just require standard cleaning, we will get it done. From building maintenance to cleanroom services and beyond, we can help.

Dedication to Quality

Dedication to Quality

We have incredibly high standards when it comes to the quality of the work that we provide. We make sure to only hire the best and make sure that we assess the work of our employees so that your expectations are not only met but are exceeded.

green cleaning

Green Cleaning

We are committed to helping the planet in any way that we can, which is why we are a leader in the environmentally-preferred green cleaning industry.

A Closer Look at GMP

The GMP rules are very explicit regarding the requirement to clean and sanitize equipment and the manufacturing facility. Your company’s standard procedures and cleaning records alone are evidence of proper cleaning.

1. Cleaning and Sanitation Procedures

GMP requires the cleaning procedures to be fully documented in written procedures. These procedures are initially validated (shown to be effective) specifically for an item of equipment or an area.

Once validated, the procedures are then published as the SOP and implemented with high levels of attention to detail.

2. Cleaning Validation

All cleaning procedures should be validated (shown to be effective) under specific conditions of use. These conditions of use are specified in the SOP.

Employees cannot deviate from the SOP or alter the conditions of use without risking invalidating the cleaning methods. For example, it would seem logical that adding using a stronger sanitizer than the procedure requires would make cleaning faster or better. This is not always the case as you may alter the properties of the solution (e.g. lowering the pH) thus rendering it less effective.

The relevant GMP rules are to only clean under validated conditions and strictly follow procedures. 

3. Cleaning and Sanitation Conditions

The written procedures describe the required conditions under which cleaning is optimal.

These conditions must be followed precisely or you risk unacceptable results. For example, too strong of a solution used in sanitizing could damage the surfaces of counters, tabletops, equipment and accessories. The pH balance has to be accurate or you could end encouraging bacteria growth instead of eliminating it.  Also, the type and quality of the water used can impact results. 


Your SourceOne team understands all of the variables and dials it all in for best results:

Title: Key Components for Optimal Cleaning Conditions

  • Strength of the cleaning or sanitizing agent (e.g., 2.0% v/v)
  • The type of water or solvent to be used
  • The pH of the cleaning agent
  • The temperature of the water to be used
  • How much to dismantle equipment before cleaning commences
  • The contact or residence time for the sanitizing agent on the surface
  • What agents to use to clean off the sanitizing agent
  • What standard of water to use in the final rinse (GMP, for example, requires purified water for injection as the final rinse)
4. Cleaning and Sanitation Records

One essential GMP rule is the keeping of detailed cleaning records. Cleaning records prove that cleaning took place and evidence of the cleaning outcomes.

For example, the surfaces are visually clean or the results of rinse water tests.

The records must also identify who did the cleaning and when and must be signed.

For automatic cleaning procedures such as clean in place (CIP), the cycle conditions are usually automatically monitored and the conditions recorded.

Cycle conditions may include the temperature, flow rate, time, concentration of solvent, and solvent agitation time. Often, CIP systems have alarms when something goes wrong.

The completed and signed records should be attached to the records since they provide the only objective evidence that cleaning has occurred.

What Must be Cleaned?
  • The facility must be regularly cleaned. Particular emphasis is placed on areas or rooms where product is processed.
  • Particular emphasis is placed on effectively cleaning all equipment in contact with the product, and it must be cleaned according to validated and detailed procedures.
  • All equipment in processing areas not in contact with the product needs regular cleaning to prevent dust and dirt buildup.
  • The inside of the factory should be regularly cleaned, but particular attention should be paid to the processing and storage rooms. The floors, surfaces, benches, walls, and ceilings should undergo cleaning at defined intervals.
  • Cleaning and sanitation also apply to any equipment in contact with the product during manufacture, such as production and packaging equipment, transfer lines and tanks, and storage containers and drums.

A person's hands using a spray bottle to clean a surface, with a fine mist in the air and a microfiber cloth, demonstrating thorough disinfecting procedures.

Life Science Facility Cleaning

When it comes to pharmaceutical and biotech cleaning, we take quality control very seriously. Each of our cleaning technicians undergoes extensive training in order to join our team and is always briefed on facility protocols and procedures before each job.

Commercial Janitorial Cleaning

We provide the most reliable janitorial services in the Northern California area to help you ensure that your work area is immaculate. Learn a little bit more about the commercial cleaning services that we offer and make sure that you contact us today to get started!

Industries Served

SourceONE focuses on clients where the quality of cleaning, safety, maintenance, and appearance is critical to the basic function of the establishment. We serve a wide variety of market sectors, including the following, with our vast expertise and superior quality.

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