Biomedical Facility Cleaning

Cleaning for Biomedical Facilities

Several different industries and biotech companies operating in the Northern CA area need to have access to reliable cleaning services, both to protect their employees and in-building visitors. This is one area of business operation that demands quality control, which is exactly what SourceONE’s laboratory cleaning services provide. For over 20 years, we have helped biotech companies and pharmaceutical companies ensure their facilities are well-maintained with our commercial laboratory cleaning services.

Keep up with regular facility maintenance and meet FDA regulations by allowing our professional laboratory cleaning company to help! SourceONE specializes in deep cleaning services and is dedicated to training our employees on how to stay protected while working in a biotech company environment. Learn more about how we can help you stay clean and organized and contact us today to schedule our services!

Life Science Facility Cleaning

When it comes to pharmaceutical and biotech cleaning, we take quality control very seriously. Each of our cleaning technicians undergoes extensive training in order to join our team and is always briefed on facility protocols and procedures before each job.

Commercial Janitorial Cleaning

We provide the most reliable janitorial services in the Northern California area to help you ensure that your work area is immaculate. Learn a little bit more about the commercial cleaning services that we offer and make sure that you contact us today to get started!

Industries Served

SourceONE focuses on clients where the quality of cleaning, safety, maintenance, and appearance is critical to the basic function of the establishment. We serve a wide variety of market sectors, including the following, with our vast expertise and superior quality.

The Benefits Biotech Cleaning Services


Our SourceONE professional laboratory cleaning company offers cleaning services for biotech companies to help support the health and safety of everyone in your facility. If your business operates within the life sciences industry or a similar industry, it’s important to remain as sterile and sanitary as possible. The laboratory cleaning services we provide are designed specifically to help your facility remain clean, safe, and well-maintained — both for your benefit and for the benefit of your visitors and investors.

SourceONE’s commercial laboratory cleaning company will enter your facility and execute work to your specific cleaning and sanitation requirements, all while wearing the proper eye protection, gowns, and caps. Not only are our staff members well-versed in proper cleaning processes for biotech companies in Silicon Valley, but they also have several years’ worth of experience performing this type of cleaning. Let us help you maintain your cleanrooms, laboratories, and other professional spaces!


There is no shortage of benefits when it comes to choosing our SourceONE cleaning services for biotech companies. Our in-house unmatched biotech contamination control training for our employees allows us to enter and exit your workspaces without causing disruption; each of our staff members are subjected to incredibly strict screening procedures and hiring standards. The laboratory cleaning services we provide Silicon Valley clients are thorough and allow you to maintain your critical environments so you can continue work as normal.

Partnering with our professional laboratory cleaning company allows you to have a sanitized environment in which you can continue to research and study advancements in medical research, pharmaceuticals, nanotechnology, and more. Call SourceONE today to learn more about how our cleaning services for biotech companies can benefit you!

Facilities Our Commercial Laboratory Cleaning Company Services

SourceONE provides commercial laboratory cleaning services for facilities that operate within several different industries. If your building conducts research or other work within the pharmaceutical, life since, medical, biotech, and manufacturing industries, the deep cleaning our company provides is invaluable. We can help you maintain your cleanroom or laboratory to reduce the risk of product contamination and other sources of human error. Other areas that can benefit from our cleaning include:

  • Biotech Areas
  • Medical Device
  • R&D
  • Glass Wash Areas
  • QC and Virology Areas
  • GMP Cleanrooms
  • CER Environments
  • BL1 and BL2 Labs
Facilities Our Commercial Laboratory Cleaning Company Services

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Life Sciences Facilities

Whether you run a biotech research lab, a pharmaceutical manufacturing plant, or a medical device testing lab, you face specific challenges, standards, regulations and protocols for maintaining a safe, sterile environment for your scientists and technicians.

Pharmaceutical Facility Cleaning

The pursuit of excellence in healthcare begins with maintaining clean and hygienic spaces where drugs are manufactured, tested, and packaged.

Biotech Facility Cleaning

This is one area of business operation that demands quality control, which is exactly what SourceONE’s laboratory cleaning services provide.

Medical Device Facility Cleaning

With our meticulous approach and advanced cleaning techniques, we offer peace of mind, knowing that every medical device is thoroughly sterilized and free from contaminants.

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