1. Protecting Your Office From the COVID-19 Coronavirus

    With so much uncertainty in the world today, with many business employees working from home, many business owners are primarily concerned about how the COVID-19 Coronavirus will affect the health of their company long-term. But for many companies throughout the San Jose area, employees must continue to go to work, including grocery store staff, gas station attendants, and other essential services.…Read More

  2. Think Green When You See Dirt

    Rid your life of filth in more than just one way. It’s great practice to treat your commercial office with cleaning services that make a difference, not just in the way your office looks but in the effect the cleaning products have on the environment. As a patron of the earth, we are all responsible for caring. As you search through the many qualified commercial cleaning services in San Jose be …Read More

  3. 3 Reasons You Need Professional Carpet Cleaning

    The easiest way to keep your office looking brand new is utilizing a quality carpet cleaning service in San Jose. Carpets harbor the dirt and grime that circulates through your office daily. To provide yourself, your employees and your customers feeling comfortable and well, it’s imperative to have excellent building maintenance. Instead of relying on the standard cleaning supplies you can find …Read More

  4. 10 Tricks For A Quick Summer Office Cleaning

    If you’re like a majority of business owners in San Jose, the spring flies by and all of a sudden it’s summer and you still didn’t get your spring office cleaning accomplished. There’s no time limit for a good clean, so you’re still in the clear. These are 10 tricks that help organize, sanitize and harmonize your workspace. 1. Zones - Start decluttering by separating your office into zo…Read More

  5. SourceONE-CE For Cleanroom Cleaning

    When it comes to cleanroom cleaning there’s one thing that must be understood, control. The entire purpose of a cleanroom is to control contaminating elements to restrictive levels to ensure the room is genuinely clean. With strict rules and regulations to uphold, cleanrooms must take extra care to ensure quality cleaning in San Jose. Cleanrooms are susceptible to easy damage due to the high res…Read More

  6. Creating Inspiring Workspaces For Your Employees

    It’s no secret that companies who hold employees at the forefront succeed. The direct correlation between happiness at work and productivity has been proven through many studies. When your employees are comfortable and happy at work, they will work hard to create inspiring new ideas to push your business forward. An inspiring workspace is much more than a good office cleaning (although we know h…Read More

  7. 3 Benefits Of Commercial Carpet Cleaning Service

    Take the dust out of your work day. Dirt, hair, germs, grime, bacteria, debris and many more microscopic particles pollute office spaces daily. While a once-over vacuum helps the cause, your commercial office needs a thorough carpet cleaning to efficiently destroy the pollutants. A professional carpet clean is more of a beneficial service than a daily vacuum because the cleaning products are stron…Read More

  8. Go Green, Stay Green: Environmentally Friendly Commercial Cleaning Services

    Care for your environment. It’s that simple. Whether you recycle your old papers or drive a hybrid vehicle, there are many ways for you to decrease your chemical footprint on this planet. For SourceONE Cleaning Services, we put our foot forward to save the planet through Green Cleaning Solutions. While we do our best to establish healthy cleaning practices, we also hold ourselves to using Green …Read More

  9. The Commercial Cleaning Services You Should Be Focusing On

    As the spring sunlight glimmers through your office windows, you see the dust piling on your desk. The streaks across your monitor are nowhere near as dirty as your keyboard. How about that mouse you used to click on this link, when was the last time you think that was cleaned? Maybe we shouldn’t think too hard about that. Instead of running to the office supply store down the street to stock up…Read More

  10. Green Cleaning Vs. Traditional & Effects On Your Health

    The cleaning process is endless. Just when you thought you were done vacuuming, polishing, dusting, wiping, sanitizing and washing, it all starts again as dust never stops collecting. With a different cleaning product on the market for all of the chores, it becomes a daunting task to keep up with the best products on the market. Recently, there has been a hard push for greener commercial cleaning …Read More