1. What to Look for in a Commercial Cleaning Company

    When you’re hiring a quality cleaning service for your business, choosing your cleaning company narrows down to four key elements: quality, sustainability, a good team, and safety. While each of these cleaning qualities are advantageous independently, it is rare to find a commercial cleaning service that encompasses the whole package, so do some digging and make sure you choose a professional, q…Read More

  2. Are People Likely to Slip on Your Business’ Floors?

    While owning a building, it is important to maintain a culture of safety and responsibility. Your tenants are important, and we don’t want anyone to get hurt. For example, after a rainy day, having your employees slip and fall is the last thing you’ll want to encounter. Building maintenance is imperative to have a welcoming work space and keep employees happy. Most employers, unfortunately, wa…Read More

  3. Critical Environment Cleaning

    SourceONE’s approach to cleanroom cleaning and other critical environment cleaning services is much more than the typical janitorial cleaning services. We provide extensive training for our technicians on the strict requirements required before entering critical environments. It is imperative that our teammates are trained in the proper procedures, protocol, safety, security and techniques in or…Read More

  4. Cleaning Your High Tech Facility

    Take a moment to picture this scenario: The day is close to ending so you venture into your data center to start sprucing up for some general building cleaning. Then, you receive an emergency call that one of the servers is down and your biggest client can’t access the files they need to finish their biggest sale of the year. Obviously you drop your cleaning bucket and go save the day. After all…Read More

  5. The Luxuries of an Office Day Porter

    As hundreds, maybe thousands, of folks daily trek through your busy San Jose office building, dirt and grime can pile up. There’s no telling just how much filth can be floating in the air or stuck in the carpet; it could even be filtering through the air ducts. Luckily, there is such a service that helps decrease this mess. When you hire a day porter, your office cleaning is taken care of on a d…Read More

  6. Your Office Is Harboring Your Dead Skin

    Did you know that over the course of a year humans shed, on average, eight pounds of dead skin cells? That may seem like a lot, but I bet you rarely notice your body shedding skin daily. Each day an average human sheds around one million skin cells which breaks down to around 30,000 - 40,000 cells each hour. “Where does all of this skin go?” you may ask. Truthfully, it builds and collects as t…Read More

  7. Welcome to the SourceONE Blog

    Welcome to the SourceONE blog - your one stop place for tips, tricks and the happenings of our commercial cleaning service. We strive to make your building maintenance as easy as possible. Here we will share industry news, project updates and miscellaneous bits about our janitorial tips for you and our San Jose community. SourceONE is proud to be a responsible cleaning service that serves all of y…Read More