We all want a clean environment to work in, whether we work in a huge warehouse, a medical facility, a classroom, or a cozy office space. A clean place makes it easier to concentrate in, easier to find much needed items, and less stressful. Furthermore, when you work in a clean environment, you will catch less illnesses over the winter months.

SourceONE Building Maintenance is the best commercial cleaning business in San Jose. with more than 20 years of experience, we offer commercial cleaning services in both the private and the public sector, from college campuses to manufacturing and biotech. We take your commercial cleaning needs seriously. We’ve implemented a color-coding system to minimize cross contamination, and we regularly train on safety in order to minimize your liability risk. After all, no one wants someone to hurt themselves from tripping on a wet floor.

Our commercial cleaning business is on a mission to constantly improve our processes and raise the bar for commercial cleaning services. We do this through frequent rounds by our management team to our clients’ businesses to address any concerns our clients may have and to ensure the commercial cleaning job is up to our standards. SourceONE Building Maintenance absolutely loves over-delivering as a commercial cleaning business in San Jose. Below, we’ll go over in more detail just what our outstanding business does and how we can better help you do your jobs better. Contact us today to get started!